Como funciona El Corte de Oro

El Corte de Oro – Sistema Lutterloh es increíblemente FACIL

Trazar patrones sobre medida !

Solo necesita DOS medics para hacer un patron a su medida en solo unos minutos.

El system Lutterloh «El Corte de Oro ha disenado pequenos patrones para trabajar en ellos con la ayuda de la escala de medidas. Para comenzar elija un patron que usted quiera trazar a su medida.

Elija un modelo y encontrara el patron correspondente en la parte de atras de la hora. En elkit completousted tiene 280 modelos a su colección para elegir.

Tome sus medidas. Solo necesita contorno de busto y contorno de cadera

1. Tome su medida de busto.

Utilizamos el controns de busto para todos los patrones de la cintura para arriba como el delantero de una blusa, el cuello, las mangas, etc.. Tome la medida for encima de los homoplatos, for debajo de los bravos y por encima del busto.

the golden rule - la coupe d'or2. Tome su medida de contorno de cadera.

El contorno de caHip contourn to make all pieces corresponding to the lower part of the body like pants, skirts, or the lower part of a dress. Measure over fullest part of the hip and just below the fullest part of the stomach.

the golden rule pattern instructions3. Tape the little pattern on the paper.

Centering the pattern in the paper, fasten the chosen pattern by applying scotch tape at two corners.



special scale lutterloh the golden rule4. Inserting the pin into the scale.

We find the measurement (bust or hip) in the sizing scale. Every size (the numbers in black and red) has a line with a small hole. Push the special pin through the hole that denotes your bust or hip measurement.


made to measure patterns5. Fix the measure onto the pattern

Carefully fix the pin, with the measurement in the scale, on the center of the cross. Every pattern has a cross. In some small pieces like collars, the cross is outside the pattern, an arrow in the cross toward the pattern to wich its belongs. Use a small cardboard underneat to fix the pin, to avoid damage to your table.


marking dots lutterloh la coupe d'or6. Making dots

Now we can rotate freely the tape in any direction. Align the edge of the tape to any line, making sure than the tape is in the same direction of the line, and make a dot in the cm number in the tape which match the number in the line.

Make the dots on the same side of the tape, where the line and number is shown on the pattern diagram.


marking dots the golden rule7. All dots

Use the bust measurement to make all dots above the waist, including the waist.

Change the pin to the hip measurement and draw all dots below the waist.



la coupe d'or joindre le points8. Connecting the dots

Once we have transferred all dots, all we need to do is connect them, coping all the lines from the little pattern with our rulers, also the darts and symbols.

Important: Remove the pattern diagram and mark the pin hole. This is where the pattern is adjusted for the individual body length.



9. Cutting the pattern and check it

The pattern corresponds to your fit, your can adjust the length to suit your individual taste. Pin the darts, according to the shape and size of your figure. Always check pattern for correct fit, before cutting the fabric.




The finished paper pattern does not include seam and hem allowance.

lutterloh patterns


Allow approx. 1-2 cm for seams and 5-7 for hems.

The same pattern is used to make facings, linings and undercollars.

Happy sewing!

The Golden Rule – La Coupe de Or – Lutterloh System – El Corte de Oro

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